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Nobody had expected her to be so sullenly beautiful', writes Eatwell.While awaiting trial at the time, the local policewoman, Mary Unkefer, took her into her home.She had stars in her eyes, dreams rather than plans.I think of her as a very beautiful but very private person, with a sadness about her.

The trunk of her body had been completely severed by an incision cutting through the intestine exposing the organs of the abdomen and lacerating the intestines and both kidneys.She was found with her torso chopped in half, drained of blood and a joker smile carved into her face.Pictured: Short's body at the crime scene Now 70 years later, the true killer's identity has been revealed in a new book.The woman had been strung up by the wrists, her face and head severely beaten and a satanic smile cut into her face with deep cuts extending out from the corners of her mouth.The 22-year-old had been viciously mutilated, with the trunk of her body completely severed, the anal opening had abrasions from the insertion of a foreign object and her stomach was filled with feces, among many other horrors.

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I noticed that she was a very nice girl and was most neat about her person and clothes'.