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Despite its heroine's personal issues, My Boyfriend in Orange is an interesting romance where the love interest has a good reason to keep saving the day: it's all part of being a fireman! Inuyashiki Last Hero managed to adapt its entire source manga in just 11 episodes, but its twists and turns resulted in some divisive takes.

Character (3/10) - Not much character development, except for Kuro's sense of worthlessness and how Mitsu tells him that this wasn't so. Blah, blah, after that there's not much character development, although they do have quirky personalities.

I'm no prude, (I love yaoi, man) but the creepy nipples, the tacky, shiny skin and penises and.. at one point during it, for some reason the small amount of plot material it had in it really got to me and made me sad, so i think i really would have liked this as a normal shounen-ai series with a relarive plot instead of a hardcore yaoi.

There is definitely something from with Kuro's butthole (just sayin..) Yeah no thanks. Voice acting is alright, I kinda liked Kuro's voice I'll be honest! altogether i though the animation and graphics and what not were very nice, i like the modern look and the bright colors, so that really appealed to me.

But there are some parts that made me question whether it was.. all in all i guess, dont watch this if you dont want to watch like 15 minutes of a boy and an adult looking to be in his 20's having constant contact of sex, if you do want to see that, this is for you man xp Nutshell: Okane ga Nai meets Boku no Pico meets a handful of relatively soft kinks.

Pass it unless you enjoy watching bad smut for giggles.

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I myself only bothered with it because I like Yaoi/shounen-ai, and lets face it, there's not that many of those floating around.

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