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Don't they make a big deal out of the rehearsal, like all your weird relatives coming to town?

It's stupid to think about him, but I can't help it." Jake!

On October 10, police in Hollywood, Florida, heard crying coming from a blue suitcase in an abandoned building.

Inside, they found a bloody dog that had been repeatedly stabbed and beaten, suffering more than 50 deep cuts on his head and body.

I promise there will be serious consequences for her.

One of the bands dropped out of the Wango Tango auditions.

Police said they also found several notes in Evans's apartment, with one reading: 'Make the entire pit bull investigation go away.

Oh, I just realized I have to meet my friends, and they're waiting for me.

I was thinking if you wanted, we could check it out.

In Florida, animal cruelty is a third-degree felony.

If convicted, Evans faces up to five years in prison and a ,000 fine, the Sentinel reported.

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Maybe you can calmly explain to me why you were in detention twice today. That was because Stacey Hinkhouse kept hitting me with a volleyball.