Hamleys dubai online dating

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Hamleys dubai online dating

The sequel was announced in May 2012, after the successful release of The Avengers.

He also thought that Ultron needed to be conceived through the Avengers and since they already had Tony Stark and Bruce Banner on the team, it would not make sense to bring in a third scientist.

By April 2013, Whedon had completed a draft of the script, and casting began in June with the re-signing of Downey.

Second unit filming began in February 2014 in South Africa with principal photography taking place between March and August 2014.

Feige explained that they simply liked the title Age of Ultron but the plot was taken from decades of Avengers story arcs.

Whedon added that Ultron's origin would differ from his comics roots, and that Hank Pym would not be involved with Ultron's creation.

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