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Villefort has Fernand assassinate his father in exchange for persuading Mercédès that Edmond has been executed for treason and that she should take comfort in Fernand.Six years later, Edmond is startled in his cell by an eruption in the ground revealing another prisoner.

Dantes přísahá všem svým nepřátelům nemilosrdnou pomstu.Faria dies in a tunnel cave-in but before expiring he reveals a map to the treasure.Edmond escapes by switching himself for the priest’s body in the body bag, and is thrown into the sea, pulling Dorleac along with him, whom he drowns.Fernand and Danglars inform on Edmond, concerning the letter Fernand saw Napoleon hand him, to the city’s Magistrate, Villefort, who has Edmond arrested.Villefort prepares to exonerate Edmond until he learns the letter is addressed to Villefort's father, a Bonapartist; he burns the letter and orders Edmond locked up in Château d'If.

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Hrabě Monte Cristo / Gróf Monte Christo / The Count of Monte Cristo (1975) CZ dab.

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