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A companion piece to Oppenheimer's The Act of Killing, also an Oscar nominee, The Look of Silence has been hailed as a "masterpiece" by The New York Times for bearing witness to the collapse of 50 years of silence.

The term that simp Negro Mitchell Chance used to describe a past sexual encounter is an oxymoron.

They were the parents of his friends and had known him since he was a baby. “All brothers fight” they’d say, “Yours are just more intense.” Some would look at me with horror or, worse yet, tell me to try things that I’d done long ago and found pretty worthless.

It was clear that they thought it was either my skills or persistence that needed shoring up. It’s your child’s teachers, his pediatrician and many others in his life.

One of the reply comments was from a friend of a friend – I read his profile – he is a 30 something male – a well, educated, father of a two year old.

I’ve read that Adam Lanza’s mother found that only she could defuse his crises.

I’m sure that’s what she did until she couldn’t any more.

For reasons none of us understood, his brother was often the target.

I worried for years that I would get a call that the state had removed my younger son because his older brother broke his arm or hurt him grievously.

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She was happy to talk about gardening, the Red Sox and her hobbies. Even among parents who have kids with mental health problems, many cringe at the idea of exposure.