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Houghton Mifflin followed, in 1969, with "The American Heritage Dictionary," but it also published a "Clean Green" edition without the word, to assure itself access to the lucrative public high school market.

If I see Chris Cornell on any kind of stage, I would be exceedingly inclined to piss in a bottle and throw it at his ill-highlighted faggoty ass head. The other day, I had an argument with a coworker the other day determining who's better, RATM, Soundgarden or Audioslave. Another REHASHED THREAD OF REPETITIVEITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I"M GOING TO KILLLLLLL MMMMMMYYYYYSEEEEEEEELLLLLLLFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF FFFFFFFFFFFFF Saying you like Audioslave more than RAGE (or vice versa) is like saying you like Bjork better than The Chili Peppers... now if you said, "A Lincoln is better than a Cadillac... Realistically, saying Velvet Revolver is better than Guns n Roses is more like it. I LOVE Audislave's self titled album but their albums since that I can take or leave...

I would take an AIDS ridden needle and stick it in his greasy ass eye. I actually kinda dig Audioslave's work, well, their earlier work. I, of course, was for RATM and he was for Audioslave. Not saying that they are, but you know what I mean. The other day, I had an argument with a coworker the other day determining who's better, RATM, Soundgarden or Audioslave. But of course RATM are on a completely different level!

Abbreviations make it easier to say whatever TF ( There’s a downside to its familiarity, or at least there was if you worked at the Wisconsin Tourism Federation (now Tourism Federation of Wisconsin) a few years ago, before it changed its name and logo.

If you ask me, the marketing department missed a trick by not embracing this happy coincidence.

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You got 16 friends that are crucial enough to warrant being in a Snapchat Group? That's awesome."Groups can be created while sending a Snap, or when you're making a new Chat," Team Snap said in a press release Tuesday.

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