Chantal obrien dating

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Chantal obrien dating

He says that Ashley Hebert will be the next Bachelorette and perhaps the announcement will come later tonight after The Bachelor, Women Tell All episode.

It is rumored that Chantal was initially chosen to be the Bachelorette but she backed out after meeting her new boyfriend.

Filming on the new season of “The Bachelorette” is expected to start in about a week and will premiere in late May.

It has been rumored, and seems very likely, that Chantal O’Brien declined being the next Bachelorette star because of this fledgling, but happy relationship. Rumor has it that the reason the runner-up on Brad’s season isn’t the new “Bachelorette” is because she’s already dating someone.

Toward the start of his recap of Ashley’s first night as the Bachelorette, Steve wrote, “Lets face it, if Chantal didn’t meet Jeff Razore right after her filming, Ashley wouldn’t even be in this position.

And I guess a congratulations are in order as Chantal and Jeff just recently got engaged. I’ll take full credit for being the first one to expose their relationship publicly.”If it’s true, that was quick work on Chantal’s part!

Some of Sam's fellow The Bachelor contestants, especially Zoe and Chantal, have rallied around the Melbourne woman since 31-year-old Blake proposed to her on the show, before cutting ties with her weeks later. The 25-year-old looked gorgeous in a blue pencil skirt paired with a delicate white singlet top and nude pumps.

This could result in exceptions being swallowed (even though they are logged) and then the program can continue in an unknown state.You're accessing so many items without null checks that it could be any number of things.Are you sure all of the controls exist in the cells you're specifying?Returning to The Project as a follow-up to her Monday night tell-all, Sam joined the panel at the desk to talk about the public reaction to her and Bachelor Blake Garvey's interviews about their split.The popular blonde, who has been thrust into the spotlight following her proposal and swift split with Blake, has been the subject of much speculation that she will take on the yet to be announced role.

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