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He had still been married at that time and his wife Heather was extremely ill, so reluctantly, he had kept Felicity a secret, not even making her true parentage know to her while he arranged for her to change schools and be educated in one of England's finest schools, the very same school his legitimate daughter Tiffany attended.Felicity had spent years not knowing she still had a living parent, the posh school had proved difficult and if she had not met and befriended Tiffany, she would have hated every moment of it.George had known they would meet, but if his own experiences of boarding school were anything to go by, it had been doubtful they would interact much, Tiffany was nearly three years older than Felicity and in her final two years, while Felicity was still in the junior dorms, Tiffany was already living in one of the houses reserved for senior students studying for their 'A' Levels.***** Felicity looked up at her father as she hit a snag, "Daddy, Sargent Williams can't do the meeting at four, he's asking to meet you at five, but that will clash with ambassador Chen, should I bump the meeting with the Chinese?Besides, Tiffy had been the one who had made her a PA and the one who had insisted she learn about the family business, so it was very unfair to now tell her she shouldn't help their father.Especially when they both knew that no one else understood Harrington better than George Harrington's own daughters. Felicity looked at her sister in stunned anger, truly surprised that she would try to use her condition against her, "So what if I do?Tiffany finally threw her hands in the air, "It's not just a bad idea, it's mental, what happens when you get one of your urges? I'm pretty sure they have MEN in Australia, I CAN be discreet you know." She replied hotly. Flick looked at the floor, she sighed unhappily, she hated arguments with Tiffy and it had gotten out of hand now.Tiffy glared at her younger sister, the mention of men was not pleasant, they had long ago agreed that men were off the menu unless Flick got desperate, and even then it was Tiffy who got to choose the man. Felicity wanted to help her father though and partially because she had missed out on having him in her life as a child, she now wanted to prove to him she was as good as Tiffany.

It had been the last problem she could see and handed the laptop to her father, "I think that's it, if you are happy with it, I'll go take a shower, this heat is awful." She was perspiring even with the aircon turned as low as it would go, the heat and humidity of Darwin in the wet season was a nightmare and she honestly wondered how people had been living here for so long.While she herself had struggled through school and had problems with adult interactions, she admitted to herself she was childish and had an unfortunate need for affection, especially the sexual kind, sleeping with men offered her momentary relief and coupled with her addiction to sex, she wasn't anything like Tiffy.Incongruously, she was also shy and self-conscious about her body, disliking sexual interaction or displays, so her addictions and needs totally conflicted with her personality and demeanour.George Harrington looked over at his youngest daughter, she was diligently organizing his upcoming calendar for this trip and whilst not ignoring him, her concentration on getting all the details perfect left her unaware of his proud gaze.***** For the millionth time, he felt very lucky that she was here and accepting him, he remembered all too well his rage when he had discovered that he had a second child.

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Logically, she knew Tiffy was right, yet she still wanted this very badly.